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November 14, 2002
Agenda Item No. 12

Compact Update ­ Four-Year College

The Chancellor, in accord with the Higher Education Policy Commission and the mandates of SB 653, has set into place a two-step Compact update process. First, the Compact Narrative section is due to the Chancelloršs Office by November 15, 2002. Secondly, the Compact Data report will be due to the Chancelloršs Office by December 15. In a letter to the college presidents of October 2, 2002 the Chancellor explicitly states the components of each report.

The Compact Narrative has seven specific components that must be included: Mission Summary; Vision Statement; Important campus challenges and opportunities; Campus-specific initiatives related to SB 653 and Statewide Compact goals; Elaboration of qualitative information requested by SB 653; Other important campus goals; and Important campus strategies to achieve goals. The Compact Narrative is limited to three pages in length. The following pages include the Shepherd College Compact Narrative, November 15, 2002 Update.

The following resolution is recommended for adoption by the Board:

RESOLVED, That the Shepherd College Board of Governors approves, effective as of today, the Shepherd College Compact Narrative, November 15, 2002.