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May 8, 2003
Agenda Item No. 5


Policy 5 of the Board of Governors authorizes the granting of sabbatical leave for faculty and establishes the eligibility and criteria for the granting of sabbaticals. The Policy requires the President to report to the Board annually on sabbaticals that have been taken during the preceding year.

In the 2002-03 academic year, one year-long sabbatical was taken by Dr. Dennis Woods, of the political science department. Dr. Woods received half-pay throughout the year. Dr. Woods has undertaken a values-based analysis of public policy.

Dr. Phil Simpson took a one-semester sabbatical in Spring 2003. Dr. Simpson is a member of the biology department and received full pay during his sabbatical. Dr. Simpson continued his extensive research on the orchids of Nicaragua.

Dr. James Lewin, of the English department, took a one-semester sabbatical in Spring 2003 at full pay. Dr. Lewin undertook a rhetorical analysis of arguments advanced in behalf of the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority in the Mid-East crisis, as expressed in a broad array of English-language sources.

All three of these sabbatical recipients are paid from appropriated funds. No action by the Board is required for this agenda item; it is offered as an information item.