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February 13, 2003
Agenda Item No. 12

Housing Feasibility Shepherd College

In November 2002, Brailsford & Dunlavey (B&D) were hired to complete a student housing feasibility study. Through a survey instrument (392 responses) and several focus groups, B&D provided an initial market analysis to Shepherd College in January 2003.

The following is a summary of their initial findings:

Importance of On-Campus Residence Halls
* Provides on-campus experience for students. Creates the residential campus designation through critical mass.
* Cost-effective housing option.
* Aids in retention and persistence to graduation
* Provides an alternative to current housing options.
* Enhanced opportunities for personal growth and development as a member of a community.

Focus Group Summary
* Shepherd is inexpensive for both in- and out-of-state students.
* Students expected social experiences during the week and on weekends. Currently a "suitcase" campus.
* Students stated that they would not have matriculated without housing.
* Free washers and dryers was a major positive.
* Residents Assistants essential to adjustment.
* Students were willing to pay more for housing with amenities such as private bedrooms and kitchens.
* For financial reasons, some students would request doubles.

Survey Data Highlights * 43% stated on-campus housing was very important in their decision to attend Shepherd College.
* 81% stated that the existing meal plan did not impact their decision to live on campus.
* Percent requesting double room traditional hall housing as a preference decreased from 58% for the freshman year to 13% for the senior year.
* Percent requesting double room in an apartment as a preference increased from 8% for the freshman year to 36% for the senior year.

"The final analysis by B&D will include a detailed on- and off-campus market analysis, demand projections, system-wide financial analysis and strategy development options." The initial data suggests that students are interested in new housing options, mostly apartment style housing and are will to pay more for the additional amenities that would come with the style of housing.

At the Board Meeting, Vice President Kipetz will have a presentation to further update the Board members on this study.