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February 13, 2003
Agenda Item No. 6


The Higher Education Policy Commissionıs Salary Guidelines require the establishment of a faculty merit pay system at each college and university effective for FY05. Shepherd College, in conformance with this mandate, has initiated a process for the development of a faculty-based faculty merit- pay system that is targeted to begin as of April 2, 2003. This allows the faculty to understand the elements of the new system as they prepare for the annual evaluation process that takes place in a yearly cycle, including work from April 1 of a given year through March 31 of the following year.

At its meeting in November 2002, the Board requested that a 'mid-point' update be made available to the Board relating to this new policy initiative.

The Faculty Senate approved the following parameters for the distribution of salary increases for faculty in each fiscal year: First, per state code, promotion monies shall be paid. Second, stipends paid to faculty for various administrative functions shall be funded. Third, 10 percent of the remaining monies shall be utilized by the V.P.A.A. for faculty equity adjustments. Fourth, the remaining monies shall be distributed 60% merit-based and 40% across-the-board (Faculty Senate Minutes, February 3, 2003).

The Faculty Senate established a Merit Process Committee that is composed of two faculty members elected from each School, one library faculty member elected by faculty librarians, and two deans appointed by the V.P.A.A. The Merit Process Committee has proposed that merit be evaluated in three areas: teaching, professional development, and service. A faculty member may apply for merit in one given area in any given year. The committee has developed benchmarks to be considered for merit evaluation within each area. The criteria to be applied involve the expectation that a faculty member receiving merit will be at a level of performance that is above and beyond the normal expectation of work in the area. A faculty committee will review the faculty merit submissions. The Merit Process Committee has not, as yet, made a recommendation on the roles of department chairs, school deans, or the V.P.A.A. in the merit evaluation process. The Merit Process Committee's work will be reviewed by the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate has agreed to complete its work and to make a recommendation to Academic Affairs by March 1, 2003.

This update is presented as an information item at this time. Dr. Dunlop, Vice President Stern, and Dr. Anna DeVito, chair of the Merit Pay Process Committee, will be available at the meeting to address questions regarding the work of the Faculty Senate and the Faculty Merit Pay Process Committee.