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Article 9: Protocol for Meetings of the Board of Governors

All those in attendance at meetings of the Board of Governors may be asked to identify themselves to the Secretary or a designee upon entry to the meeting. Only members of the Board of Governors, the President, and those recognized by the Chair may address the Board.

If space is limited in the meeting room, those with business before the Board of Governors and the members of the press shall have priority over those who are visitors.

No flags, banners, signs, or similar displays by the public shall be permitted in meetings of the Board of Governors.

No person shall cause any disturbance, delay, or interference, or cause any threats thereof at any meeting of the Board of Governors or its committees. Further, no person shall intentionally or through coercion, force, or intimidation, deny or interfere with the right of another to free access or egress from any public meeting.

Visitors to meetings of the Board of Governors shall observe the reasonable requests of the Chair.

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