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Article 8: Appearances Before the Board

Individual or group representatives who desire to appear before the Board of Governors as a part of the Boardıs regular agenda shall submit their request to the President to be received at least fifteen days prior to the scheduled meeting of the Board. The President, in consultation with the Chair, may either place the requested item on the agenda or reject it, notifying the individual or group of the reasons for his or her decision. The President may refer any such request to the Chair for referral to a committee of the Board.

At each regular meeting of the Board of Governors, at the conclusion of regular business the Board shall have a public comment period. Persons wishing to address the Board for a period not to exceed three minutes may register at the Board meeting room at any time prior to the commencement of the Board meeting. Registrants will be called upon in the order of registration by the Chair, but public remarks will be limited to a total of thirty minutes at any one meeting. Time limitations will apply to the remarks of speakers, but not to Board membersı remarks, if any. Any person(s) who registered to speak at a meeting but who are not called upon due to the expiration of available time will be placed at the top of the registration list for the next regular meeting. The Board Chair may limit the number of speakers on a given topic.

When deemed proper, the Chair or a majority of the Board may waive these rules and hear any person on any subject.

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