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Article 11: Relation of Board and the University Faculty, Staff, and Employees

All communications to the Board from the officers and faculty and staff of the University shall be transmitted through the President of the University. This provision does not preclude a right of approach and access to the Chair of the Board. All communications from the Board or any of its committees addressed to any officer, faculty or staff, or other employee of the University, shall be transmitted through the office of the President of the University. This provision does not preclude individual members of the Board from contacting any person within the University community.

Employee Relations
The Board of Governors is committed to the objectives of diversity and pluralism and to the principles of equal opportunity, non-discrimination and affirmative action as reflected in various federal and state laws, orders and regulations, as well as in various University policies and regulations and will treat its employees in a non -discriminatory manner in accordance with the law and its own internal policies and regulations. It is the policy of the Board that the President shall maintain a program of reasonable process for the hearing and resolving of important, significant, and serious employee complaints.

Nothing in these Bylaws, or regulations or policies issued pursuant thereto, shall prevent the Board of Governors taking prompt action on urgent financial and personnel matters necessary to the best interests of the University.

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