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Higher Education Policy Commission

Shepherd University

Board of Governors Bylaws

Initially adopted August 9, 2001
Amended December 2003
Amended May 2005


ARTICLE 1: The Board of Governors
ARTICLE 2: Meetings of the Board
ARTICLE 3: Voting Procedures
ARTICLE 4: Executive Sessions
ARTICLE 5: Offices and Administrative Support
ARTICLE 6: Officers and Organization of the Board
ARTICLE 7: Committees
ARTICLE 8: Appearances Before the Board
ARTICLE 9: Protocol for Meetings of the Board of Governors
ARTICLE 10: Organization of the University
ARTICLE 11: Relation of Board and the University Faculty, Staff, and Employees
ARTICLE 12: The Board and Student Relations
ARTICLE 13: Financial Responsibility
ARTICLE 14: Collective Authority and Action
ARTICLE 15: Amendments