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Strategic Plan

• Auxiliary Enterprises will develop strategies to retain and expand its customer base.

  1. Identify growth markets and survey/study to determine potential for revenue generation. (Alumni, community, non-traditional and graduate students, upper classmen, summer camps, campus departments, other).
  2. Develop, implement, and monitor service delivery benchmarks in all departments.
  3. Utilize customer databases to effectively target marketing collateral.
  4. Develop marketing strategies that increase Bookstore, Wellness Center membership, Rambler Card Butcher Center rental revenues program exposure.

• Auxiliary Enterprises will improve communication to its customers.

  1. Who we are, What we do, How we enhance their collegiate experience
  2. Establish departmental newsletter
  3. Faculty -- Textbooks,
  4. Faculty Staff presentations
  5. Establish customer feed back loop
    1. Surveys
    2. Focus groups
    3. Program Evaluations
  6. All Auxiliary Enterprises departments will have website sites that are updated regularly.
  7. Develop strategies for daily communication to frontline employees
  8. Develop process for effectively marketing products and programs to customers via e-mail

• Auxiliary Enterprises will create programs and working environments that empower employees and enhance their performance.

  1. Student employee practices where possible will match student employees to jobs that fit their career aspirations
  2. Develop quarterly employee newsletter
  3. Develop orientation packet for all employees
  4. Will re-establish student employee scholarship for all A.E. student employees
  5. Increase training and professional development opportunities
  6. Employee recognition program
  7. Evaluations will be done bi-annually for all employees including students.
  8. Comprehensive polices and procedures manuals
  9. Feed back loops and more input on daily operations
  10. Improve physical work space

• Auxiliary Enterprises will provide collaborative learning opportunities to students, f/s, and the community.

  1. Develop a comprehensive internship program
  2. Develop student employee job descriptions with intended learning outcomes and improving employability upon graduation
  3. dentify/create and/or sponsor campus wide educational programming for students. f/s and community.

• Auxiliary Enterprises will use resources effectively and efficiently in support of advancing the University's mission

  1. Integrate institutional support into budgeting process
  2. Create org structure that takes advantage of individual strengths across multiple departments
  3. Cross train employees across departments where applicable
  4. Develop process for identifying employee strengths and weaknesses and matching them to job function.
  5. Assess employee PIQ's annually.
  6. Combine Bookstore and Card Office function.
  7. Conduct periodic external review of all departments.
  8. Maximize facility usage during off-peak periods
  9. Expand space rental options for Butcher Center
  10. Extend life of facilities with comprehensive maintenance and capital improvement plans.
  11. Develop ands implement process for anticipating and planning facility usage during academic year.
  12. Develop and employ ROI model to evaluate on business ventures
  13. Tie budget to strategic plan
  14. Develop 3 - 5 year capital improvement plan with inflation factor for equipment replacement/repair, facility maintenance.


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