Frequently Asked Tutoring Questions

I am a first time user where do I begin?

Click on the “Schedule an Appointment with a Tutor” first time users will then be asked to register and complete a short profile. Following this registration you will only need to log-in with your Shepherd email address and your password.

How do I sign up for a tutor?

Click on the link “Schedule an Appointment with a Tutor” and you will be prompted to log-in. Once you log-in to the schedule page, you will see a daily schedule of tutors and subjects that are available. Follow the directions on the screen to reserve an appointment.

What subjects do you have tutors for?

We have tutors for a variety of subjects. Frequent subjects include; Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Sociology, Spanish, Psychology, Statistics, and Writing.

How will I know I have signed up for a tutor correctly?

Following your reservation you will receive an email confirming details regarding your tutor’s name and appointment information.   

Where do I meet my tutor?

Tutoring appointments are held in the Academic Support Center located on the lower level of the Scarborough Library.

What if I miss an appointment?

If you miss two tutoring appointments without notifying the Academic Support Center in advance, you will no longer be able to make appointments online for the remainder of that semester. Math and writing tutoring services will be available to you during the advertised Walk-In Hours.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Log-in as if making a tutoring appointment. Click on the appointment listing box to delete your desired appointment. Out of courtesy for your tutor, please email the tutor to notify your cancellation.

Why I should I bother seeing a tutor?

All students can benefit from individualized instruction. We stand at the crossroads between the student and the classroom in order to assist students. Tutors assist their peers with:

What subjects are available for tutoring?

It varies each semester. This semester we will be offering tutoring in the followin subjects:

How do I become a tutor? 

 If you are interested in working as a tutor, you need to meet the following criteria:


If you need to cancel your appointment less than 24hrs before the scheduled session. Please contact ASC staff at 876-5221.


Mission Statement

The Academic Support Center’s (ASC) purpose is to provid support services for students of all abilities, but especially for those who need assistance making the transition to higher education.  We are committed to enhancing students’ academic potential through peer tutoring, learning sklls instruction, and academic advising.  Our goal is to coach students towards reaching their academic goals by building self-advocacy and self-awareness skills so that they can achieve academic succes