Submitting Your Paper to ShepOWL

In addition to our face-to-face tutoring services, we offer a type of online tutoring for essays via email through which a writing tutor will read your essay and provide helpful feedback. This is called ShepOWL—Shepherd’s Online Writing Lab. Because of our small staff, we require a minimum of 72 hours to review your essay and return it. Consequently, it is best to submit your essay as soon as possible. We recommend that you send us your paper three or more days before it is due so that you have time for revision and possibly to schedule a face-to-face visit with a tutor at the Academic Support Center (Scarborough Library, First Floor). IMPORTANT: Submitted essays cannot be in a .docx format. Preferred is a .doc format. Thank you.

Follow These Steps to Submit Your Paper:

  1. Save Your Paper
  2. Open Your Email
  3. Provide Key Information (see below for key information)
  4. Attach the Paper
  5. Send the Email to Us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Information:

In the text of your message, be sure to provide the following information. The writing tutor must have all of this information to process your essay and give you the most effective help possible.

  1. Your full name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your year in school (i.e., sophomore)
  4. Your major
  5. The name of your class (i.e., English 102)
  6. Your professor's name
  7. Your paper's due date
  8. IMPORTANT! Briefly explain the purpose of the paper, given in the assignment you received from your professor.
    Explain how the tutor can help you with your paper. For example, do you need help with the thesis statement? with transitions? with the conclusion? with punctuation?