The B.F.A. Sculpture program gives students the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary environment, evolving and responding to the expanding realm of three-dimensional artwork. The program fosters a greater understanding of space, form and time--in the context of a contemporary, conceptually driven studio. Students are encouraged to explore and incorporate elements from painting, photography, video and performance as developing work requires as part of the interdisciplinary approach.

The sculpture program is dedicated to working with archival quality materials in an ecologically sustainable manner. This emphasis on sustainability requires uncommon, often unique equipment and operations compared to conventional methods. Unrestricted in material or process, the sculpture program gives the student an opportunity to explore additive and subtractive technique through processes including clay modeling, metal casting, metal fabrication, woodworking, mold making, carving, and kinetics through mechanical and electrical automation and interactivity. The first two years of the program provide an introduction to basic sculptural processes and to fine art theory and practice. Students are encouraged to develop an awareness of how three-dimensional works impact the spaces they inhabit, how scale will impact response, and how the materials themselves communicate ideas. Problem-solving techniques and exposure to a variety of media and processes are encouraged and developed during the first two years. In the last two years of courses emphasize the development of a personal style through exposure to contemporary art, theory, and practice. Students will explore contemporary approaches to sculpture and develop their own unique methods and visual vocabulary.


The sculpture department is dedicated to working with archival quality materials in an ecologically sustainable manner. This emphasis on sustainability means that much of the equipment and operations of the sculpture program are uncommon and unique when compared to more conventional sculpture programs.

Our sculpture program places a strong emphasis on the importance of learning outside the classroom, demonstrated in our numerous travel opportunities. Departmental field trips to museums, galleries, and studios are offered many times throughout the year to provide first-hand experience. Our travel abroad program allows students to travel with the faculty to study and experience the best museums and cultural centers in the world. A gallery and visiting artist program bring contemporary art and artists directly to you.

The proximity to Washington D.C., and Baltimore provide students with opportunities for internships, apprenticeships and employment. Sculpture Graduates may go on to graduate programs. Many graduates apply the skills they learn toward pursuits in architecture film and theater, custom fabrication and design.