Photo and Computer Imagery

The B.F.A. Photography/Computer Imagery program offers students a professional degree with an emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, and practical application, in terms of both digital and traditional photographic processes. The photography/computer imagery program allows each student to develop a personal style, informed through the study of photography as an art form, the historical context from which it emerged, and its role within contemporary art and culture.

The first two years of courses have been designed to provide a strong foundation for technique and professional application, while encouraging an exploration of a variety of media, processes, and visual approaches. The last two years of courses have been designed to emphasize more of an individual direction, culminating with an exhibition that the student creates, organizes, and promotes. In addition, to prepare for a career in the field of photography, a series of Professional Practice courses have been designed to teach students how to prepare a portfolio, which includes a résumé, artist statement, and samples of work.

The photography/computer imagery program offers related internships, along with the opportunity to produce highly visible work for local and regional clients.