The Gateway Program

Learning Beyond the Classroom

The Department of Art at Shepherd University believes in the concept of the mobile classroom. To know, understand and appreciate historical works as well as contemporary works of art it is essential to see and experience the work first hand. Students will find that they are expected to visit art museums, galleries and look beyond the campus for their inspiration and influences. The Department of Art and the Shepherd University make it easy to see the world. The Washington Gateway program at Shepherd University offers a free round trip coach to Washington D.C. one Saturday a month. Students may use this opportunity to visit galleries and museums all of which are free and offer a wide variety of visual experiences from classical to contemporary, as well as multi-cultural offerings. The Department of Art goes to New York City every semester for two days and every Spring semester we escort students to a foreign destination in Europe, Egypt or China. Our students are exposed to the great works of art in great cities around the world, every year is a new experience!

Photos from Previous Trips

Inca Trail, Peru

Holland, The Netherlands

Bilboa, Spain

Paris, France

Praque, Czech Republic

Mali, West Africa

New York City, USA

Stonehenge, London, England