Alumni Stories

What do Shepherd Department of Art graduates have to say?

Kerrie & Jason Boys, Classes of 1992 and 1993
"What is a creative soul to do in order to make a living? Go to Shepherd University. My husband Jason (Boys) and I both graduated from Shepherd with our BFA's. After one year of living like locals in Shepherdstown, we moved to Charlotte NC in 1993. We both entered the design industry in unconventional ways. Jason started the creative department of the Charlotte Symphony, and I joined a publishing company. No, we did not work for cut throat advertising agencies- not our speed or our style. Within 4 years we had enough freelance work to start our own graphic design business at home. Since then idesign2inc has helped to launch 3 local magazines, provided good design services, survived the recession AND have been able to stay home with our 2 girls. I firmly believe that the design education we received at Shepherd provided us with conceptual and practical design skills needed to stay relevant in this VERY subjective industry."

David Plunkert, class of 1987
"The design program at Shepherd emphasized the combination of typography and a conceptual image or symbol. The student was required and trained to solve these visual problems quickly and efficiently and hopefully in a witty manner as well. This method of working influences me still.

I believe the education I received at Shepherd was of more lasting value than the training many designers have received from prestigious art schools."

Lisa Hooper, class of 1998
"The Shepherd University Art Department has been an influential, supportive, and challenging force in my life since the first moment that I stepped onto campus in 1995. I have not only witnessed but also experienced first-hand the Art Department faculty's dedication to helping students achieve their highest artistic purposes as well as their deepest personal triumphs. Their willingness and ability to go above and beyond standard professional duties is evident in the high caliber of artwork produced at Shepherd."

Laura L. Miller
"Shepherd University is an outstanding place. It offers many opportunities for perspective students. It is a place for learning, growing, and fun. As a past graduate in printmaking and art education, I can speak from five years of totally engrossed experiences.

The faculty love to inspire, support, and challenge their students to develop and foster new and exciting ideas about the art world and all that it has to offer. On many occasions, I would struggle for a clue, an answer that would answer everything. And what do you know, there were many answers. But what was most important was my answer, my research, and my conclusions. These experiences with questioning and learning always lead to more exciting avenues of discovery. The cycle continued.

The learning environment fosters more learning. I was opened up as an individual and as an artist. Traveling to other countries like Paris, France was motivating and surreal. It added to my knowledge of other people and life styles. Travels to New York, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. were beneficial to my contemporary art practices. Field trips are always planned into the curriculum to enhance the experience of learning for each individual.

I am also a graduate of Fairmont University, West Virginia University and Memphis College of Art. These too are incredible institutions, but my heart and my inspirations will always remain with the art department at Shepherd University."