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Application, Costs, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Degree Application

The university welcomes and hosts students from around the world for degree study and for study while on exchange from a home university. Students who have completed secondary school education (high school) in good standing are eligible to apply for admission. Similarly, students who have attended post-secondary education (college or university) are eligible to apply for admission for continued undergraduate or graduate study. Most students begin their studies in the fall semester (in late-August), although it is possible to begin in the spring semester (in early-January).

International Undergraduate Admissions

International Undergraduate Transfer Students:

Shepherd University is especially pleased to welcome graduates from partner community colleges. International students graduating with an associate degree may be able to apply through one of those programs and receive tuition reduction. Students transferring to Shepherd from another non-partner college or university in the United States and desiring to transfer that college credit into their Shepherd degree program, should include brief course descriptions to assist in the award of transfer credit. For further information, please contact Admissions.

International Graduate Admissions

Estimated Costs, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Estimated International Degree-Seeking Student Budget for 2017 – 2018 (*actual costs may vary slightly)

As a public university, Shepherd University requires non-residents to pay out-of-state tuition and fees. Limited financial aid is available, though, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Application for financial aid should be submitted with the application for admission. For more information, you should contact Undergraduate Admissions or the respective Graduate Studies Coordinator.

Undergraduate Studies                                                            Graduate Studies

 Tuition  $17,873   Tuition  $11,448
 On-campus room and board: (Apartment, double occupancy, full meal plan)  $10,054  Living Expenses: $12,000
 Medical insurance, books, supplies, personal expenses $ 3,100 Medical insurance, books, supplies, personal expenses  $4,250
Total estimated expenses $31,646 Total estimated expenses $27,698

*All international students are required to have Medical Health Insurance coverage.

**Matriculation: When a non-transferring undergraduate student has been accepted for admission as a degree-seeking student, a $100 matriculation fee is to be paid before immigration documents will be issued. This nonrefundable fee reserves a space in the entering class and covers the cost of special welcome and orientation programming.