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Allocation of New Full-Time Faculty Positions

Shepherd University will target a ratio of, on average, 20 FTE students per FTE equivalent faculty members. In addition, the University will strive to maintain, and possibly even decrease, the current proportion of credit hours taught by adjunct faculty members. There may be financial or other conditions that do not allow for this to occur in a given academic year, e.g., cuts in state funding, overall student enrollment declines, decrease in retention rates, etc.

For every 25 to 29 FTE students added to the University rolls, the University will, if possible, add one full-time faculty member and additional adjunct faculty members as needed to maintain the 20 to 1 FTE student-to-faculty ratio. This will allow Shepherd to maintain the current 20 to 1 overall student-to- faculty ratio without increasing the proportion of credit hours taught by adjunct faculty.

The Provost, after consultation with the academic deans, will make recommendations to the President about the allocation of new faculty lines. This allocation will be based on such factors as enrollment growth, or decline, in programs, University programmatic needs, etc. The appropriate process for positions shall be developed by the Provost after consultation with the academic deans.