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Talented and Savvy: Frank Ocean Escapes Record Label, Pockets Millions


Recording artists get tiny profit margins on their lucrative music, but Ocean wasn't about to let that happen to him.

Delta Drops Chris Rock Comedy Special Over Homophobic Slur

Chris Rock

Delta's in the news again for censorship, but this time for the right reasons. 

Player Who Hurled Antigay Slurs at Robbie Rogers Suspended for Two Games

Richard Chaplow and Robbie Rogers

Richard Chaplow allegedly called Rogers a “queer” during a Saturday match.

Texas Students Stage 'Cocks Not Glocks' Protest (Video)

Fashion's 'Queen Of Knitwear,' Sonia Rykiel, Designed Clothes for Everyday Life (Video)

20 Gay Greek Gods

Gay Greek Gods

We've been around a long time.

Yes, There Are Black Queers in Oregon and They Need Help

Leila Haile and Khalil Edwards

The former Portland black chapter of PFLAG, the only one of its kind in the nation, declares independence and sets a course toward racial justice.  

Trans Woman Artist vs. Chicago Topless Ordinance


Bea Sullivan-Knopf, a performance artist who uses nudity to confront discomfort with trans bodies, is suing the city of Chicago to overturn an ordinance that bans exposed female breasts in establishments that serve alcohol. 

Get Your '80s Flash on at the P-Town Boatslip Tea Dance

What Would Pedro Zamora Be Doing If He Was Alive?

Pedro Zamora

A new biography of the reality TV trailblazer explores his impact on HIV awareness and imagines what his life would be like now. Read an exclusive excerpt below.

Behind the Scenes of the Trans Rights Fight in Texas


With an attorney general determined to make transgender youth second-class citizens, the ACLU's Rebecca L. Robertson is rolling up her sleeves.

Maddow's Reminder: Trump's New Campaign Manager Is a First for Women (Video)

Rachel Maddow and Kellyanne Conway

Rachel Maddow took on Donald Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, in a lengthy and substantive interview on Wednesday.

Women in the No.1 State for Equality Still Make Less Than Men (Video)

Florida Hospitals to Cover Medical Bills for Pulse Shooting Victims


The health care providers have decided to extend amnesty to victims. 

No, the Lesbian 'Brokeback Mountain' Isn’t a Thing

brokeback mountain

A satirical website started an unfounded rumor that Emma Watson and Margot Robbie are starring in the remake, but some fans wish it was true. 

Gay Couple Make History as Both Father Triplets

Gay Fathers Dna

These South African men each fertilized an egg and now have triplets.

Rush Limbaugh on the Attack of the Lesbian Farmers

Rush Limbaugh

The far-right radio host thinks the Agriculture Department's outreach to rural LGBT people is a conspiracy to destroy conservative communities. 

Georgia Man Sentenced to 40 Years After Pouring Boiling Water on Gay Couple

Ap Photojohn Bazemore

Martin Blackwell was found guilty on several counts of aggravated battery and assault.

Ken Paxton Sues: Doctors Should Be Able to Turn Away Trans People

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

The Texas attorney general’s latest anti-Obama lawsuit claims that trans-affirming health care violates the religious freedom of doctors.

Comedian Leslie Jones Victim of Revenge Porn Hack

Leslie Jones

Jones had recently been subjected to intense racist and sexist cyberbullying surrounding the release of her recent movie Ghostbusters.