Shepherd University Allies

Hillary Clinton Makes Appeal to Gay Parents

Gay Fathers for Hillary Clinton

A letter from two dads might help repair trust with gay parents after her State Deparment emails suggested she wasn't always on their side.

Critics Say This Rachel Maddow Hug Crossed the Line

Rachel Maddow Hugs

Fox News anchors can't seem to agree on whether Rachel Maddow hugging Democrats is wrong. 

Dallas Official Touts Refusal to Marry Same-Sex Couples


Justice of the Peace Bill Metzger will not issue licenses to gay or lesbian couples, according to his Facebook page.

Tennessee Lawsuit Seeks to Stop All Marriages

David Fowler

It's the latest right-wing attempt to get around the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling.

Chicago's Creating Change Conference Was a Mess

Chicago's Creating Change Conference

When a near-violent protest shut down a planned reception for LGBT Israeli group A Wider Bridge at the Creating Change conference last month, everyone involved lost. 

LISTEN: Chelsea Manning in Her Own Words


A new podcast allows the imprisoned leaker of secrets to share her story for the first time. 

Florida Transgender Rights Opponents Countered by Students, Supporters


The haters came in big numbers and matching tops, but they couldn't silence a trans boy and a trans girl and their supporters.

7 Things That Are Everything This Week

Tennessee Official Accused of Running Gay Prostitution Service From His Office


A Tennessee man is on administrative leave after authorities discovered he was allegedly leaving work to have sex with men for money.

Trump: Expect More 'Heart,' LGBT Rights Progress During My Presidency

Donald Trump

Donald Trump told a lesbian reporter that he will "bring people together" and responded to a ringing endorsement from the late Joan Rivers.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Blocks Rules Protecting Trans Students

Maine Gov. Paul LePage

The Republican governor says a 2014 ruling in favor of a trans student's equal access requires the legislature to take action, not his administration. 

WATCH: California Principal Confiscates Teen Boy's Elsa Costume


A middle school boy was told his icy blue dress and blonde wig were 'inappropriate,' even though students were encouraged to dress up as Disney characters for school spirit day.

26 Dead (Or Dying) Gay Bars in NYC, L.A., S.F.

United Nations Issues Stamps Celebrating LGBT Identity

United Nations

The six new colorful stamps designed by an out artist are the first issued by the global body’s post office with an LGBT theme.

Ask Adam: Am I Being a Selfish Boyfriend?

Ask Adam: Am I Being a Selfish Boyfriend

Our advice columnist, Adam Blum of San Francisco's Gay Therapy Center, says don't be ashamed to tell your partner you want him home more — and what you want him to do once he's there.

Indiana Still Hasn’t Learned Its Lesson

Selene Kaye

Indiana, goddam: State officials still refuse to take a positive step towards justice.

'Queer as Folk' — Where Are They Now?

DEM DEBATE: Lively Exchanges Between Clinton and Sanders

Sander and Clinton

The atmosphere was tense at times, but still the Democratic contenders agreed on much.

6 Ways to Say 'You're the One'

Tyler Clementi's Former Roommate Wants His Record Cleared

Dharun Ravi

Attorneys for Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers student who set up a webcam to spy on gay freshman Tyler Clementi, have appealed Ravi's 2012 convictions for invasion of privacy.