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Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana Democratic Primary

Sanders and Clinton

Sanders bests Hillary Clinton in a close race.

Donald Trump Takes Indiana Primary

Cruz and Trump

With Donald Trump headed for the Republican presidential nomination, Ted Cruz suspends his campaign.

Chicago Public Schools Meet Needs of Transgender Students (Video)

Alabama City May Repeal Harsh Anti-Trans Ordinance

Oxford City Council President Steven Waits

The Oxford City Council will meet tomorrow to reconsider the ordinance, which imposes fines and jail terms on trans people for using the restrooms matching their gender identity.

Jehovah's Witnesses Cartoon Tells Kids to Convert Gays

Jehovah's Witness Cartoon

The Christian denomination has released an animated piece of antigay propaganda.

Boston Raises Transgender Pride Flag

boston city hall, transgender pride flag

Boston's mayor raised the flag in a show of support for the trans community in Massachusetts.

Nation's Last Gay Adoption Ban Falls


Same-sex couples can now raise children in all 50 states.

Rachel Maddow Tears Down Bernie Sanders's Democratic Convention Plan

rachel maddow, bernie sanders

The liberal commentator calls Sanders's plan to contest the nomination "fantastical." 

Transgender Woman Killed in Wichita

Tyreece Walker

A 16-year-old is in custody after allegedly fatally stabbing Tyreece “Reecey” Walker in her own home Sunday night. 

Rafael Cruz's Tour of Religious Right Led to Trump Attack

Donald Trump and Rafael Cruz

Donald Trump is accusing Ted Cruz's father of associating with JFK's killer.

Record 16 Tony Nominations for 'Hamilton' (Video)

Council Members Unanimously Reject Texas Town’s Anti-Trans Bill

Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt

Mayor Jim Pruitt couldn't get a single legislator to second an ordinance restricting transgender bathroom use.

Man Protesting Target's Transgender Policy Is Mistaken for an Active Shooter

target, lgbt

"I do not want some wicked pervert in the same bathroom as my wife or my daughter," said the man, about Target's transgender bathroom policy.

Blame It on the Queers!

PHOTOS: The Men and Boys of Taipei

Filling the Supreme Court Void

Filling the Supreme Court Void

Anthony Kennedy was with us on marriage, but the next justice may be the truly crucial vote in deciding the  outcome of future LGBT rights cases.

Why There’s Hope for LGBTs in Taiwan

Isaac Lee (left), Peter Lee, Los Angeles, California

Peter Lee was born and raised in Taiwan in the ’80s to devout Catholic parents. He hid who he was until he met his husband in his 40s, came out, and got married. He hopes that future generations of LGB people won’t have such a struggle.

We Won't Have Full Equality Until Anal Hygiene Is Addressed

We Won't Have Full Equality Until Anal Hygiene Is Addressed

One man's quest for a spotless sphincter.

Why Gavin Grimm's Case Will Reverberate for All Trans Students

Why Gavin Grimm's Case Will Reverberate for All Trans Students

In its ruling on a transgender boy's right to use the facilities of his choosing, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals sent a clear message  — respecting trans rights in public schools is the law.

Andrew Sullivan Offers Uncensored Denunciation of Donald Trump

Andrew Sullivan

The gay commentator used an anatomical term to describe Trump — and also called him "a dangerous neofascist."