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PTSD: It Comes With the Territory If You're LGBT

Addressing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Among LGBTs

Health officials are finally paying attention to the trauma inflicted by a homophobic and transphobic world.

A Lover and a Fighter: The Legacy of Jeffrey Montgomery


After losing his partner to a hate crime, Jeffrey Montgomery found some solace by becoming a fierce advocate for change. 

Hillary Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton for President

In November, voters will have the opportunity to choose between a vetted and vocally pro-LGBT candidate and an ethically insolvent, chaotic carnival barker. 

The Advocate Interview: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

“I’m grateful to all of the advocates and families and friends who never stopped insisting that what’s right is right.” 

NYT Columnist: Donald Trump Has a 'Consistent Pattern' of Racism

Donald Trump

Nicholas Kristof unearthed several ghosts from Donald Trump's past that show a history of bias from the GOP presidential candidate.

Democratic National Committee Chair to Resign

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz will quit her post as party leader after leaked emails showed a bias against Bernie Sanders among DNC staffers.

Raúl Castillo Hopes Richie Will Inspire LGBT Creators of Color

looking, raul castillo

"Now that we've seen Looking, what's going to come after that?" asks Castillo. 

Laverne Cox Dazzles In First 'Rocky Horror' Trailer

Laverne Cox

Fox released the first trailer of its anticipated remake of the musical cult classic.

When Exactly Was America Great?

Make America Great Again

The Daily Show asked Republican National Convention attendees to define the time period referred to in Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again."

Inspired by Trump, Former KKK Leader Runs for Senate

David Duke

David Duke is so "overjoyed" with the Republican presidential nominee's recent speech that he has decided to run for office.

Telling Our Stories: Bi Stories Project Launches at Comic Con

Telling Our Stories: Bi Stories Project Launches at Comic Con

The veil of silence and shame that covers so many bisexual people will be lifted this weekend.

The Furry Haunched Fauns and Wild Boys of Todd Yeager

Hillary Clinton's VP: Tim Kaine


The presumptive Democratic nominee for president chooses the Virginia senator.

Trump's 'Vision of Violence and Chaos Everywhere' is Not Obama's America (Video)

Hillary Clinton: 'It Is Still Dangerous to Be LGBT in America'

Hillary Clinton

The presidential candidate met with family members of Pulse victims in Orlando, pledging to fight to ensure the "targeted" attack on the "Latino LGBT community" never happens again.

Florida Principal's Facebook Post: Gays Should Be 'Put to Death'

Florida school principal posts gay people must 'be put to death'

Steve Kenney is suspended and sent to diversity training after posting horrifying messages on the Facebook site of OutSports editor Cyd Zeigler.

Queer Black Lives Matter Founders Put 'Terrorist' Trump Among 'Worst Fascists in History'

Alicia Garza

"The terrorist on our televisions tonight was Donald Trump," said one of the queer women who cofounded Black Lives Matter after watching the Republican presidential nominee's acceptance speech. 

'Looking' Creator: Richie Would Have Gone to a Club Like Pulse 

richie looking

Can Richie, Raúl Castillo's queer Latino character on Looking, help open the door for more authentic representation of LGBT Latinos on television and film? The show's creators hope so. 

Male Escorts Are Making a Killing Off Closeted Gay Republicans at the RNC

Male Escorts Are Making a Killing Off Closeted Gay Republicans at the RNC

Sex workers in Cleveland are seeing an influx of new clients, according to the New York Post.

Republican Convention Largely Ignored by Social Media (Video)