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Tammy Baldwin, Suzan DelBene: We Need LGBT Equality Day


Out Wisconsin senator Baldwin (right) and Washington congresswoman DelBene make the case for an official day in our honor.

PHOTOS: London Pride, Sweetie Darling

Transgender Bathroom Issues Explored in #Trans102 (Video)

Pride Parade Stops for Police Officers' Wedding Proposals (Video)

London Wedding Proposal

Two romantic wedding proposals gave us one of those heart warming Pride moments.

Donald Trump Is Now 'Born Again,' According to James Dobson

Donald Trump and His Bible

The extremely antigay figure assures evangelicals that Trump has accepted Jesus as savior.

The FBI Is Anonymously Calling LGBT Witnesses 'Not Credible'

Omar Mateen

A number of gay men are on the record, but the FBI is anonymously calling them "not credible."

President Obama on Why He Made Stonewall a Landmark

President Obama

The president's legacy will include designating the first LGBT monument.

The Advocate's Orlando Cover: 'Remember'


The Advocate will be honored as part of Logo's Trailblazer Honors tonight.

Open Your Mind to Gender as a Spectrum

FBI: No Evidence Orlando Gunman Was Gay (Video)

Look out, NRA: You're Next on the 'Gay Agenda' (Video)

Bernie Sanders Says He'll Vote for Hillary Clinton; Will His LGBT Supporters?

Bernie Sanders

The candidate gave a simple "yes" when asked if he plans to vote for Clinton in November.

BREAKING: End of Trans Military Ban to Be Announced July 1

Transgender military

The move comes after years of work by LGBT activists.

National Geographic Trains Its Lens on Orlando

PHOTOS: Northwest Arkansas Pride Is Waterproof

7 Things That Are Everything This Week

A Father Refused to Claim Body of Pulse Victim


A brand of homophobia widely seen during the AIDS crisis persists.

Congress Loses Memo on Chick-fil-A

Chick Fil A

Hungry politicians ordered food during their sit-in for gun control, but did it need to come from a chain run by a homophobe?

Stonewall Inn Proved It Was a Landmark


Stonewall's designation as a national monument comes less than two weeks after tragedy.

House Republicans Block Banning Confederate Flag from Veterans' Cemeteries

house republicans

Rep. Jared Huffman called the decision an affront to victims of gun violence everywhere.