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Completion of Drug and Alcohol Education Program

As a condition for receiving federal funds or any other form of financial assistance under any federal program, all higher education institutions must implement a drug and alcohol policy which complies with applicable federal, state and local drug and alcohol laws. As part of this requirement, all new Shepherd University students are required to complete the educational module AlcoholEdu Students who fail to complete both parts of the program will be charged $50 for each uncompleted part to their student accounts. That could be a charge of up to $100.

Please follow these instructions to get started:

Everfi Login Instructions

AlcoholEdu and Haven are both provided by Everfi.  Students can login and create one account for both programs simultaneously.  Please follow these instructions to get started:

Part I (Must be successfully completed by January 27, 2017)

  1. Go to AlcoholEdu
  2. Register your account using “48b8fb72” as your registration code. Register using your Shepherd email only.
  3. Complete the entire AlcoholEdu educational module.

Part II (Must be successfully completed by March 24, 2017)

You should receive an automatic email from Everfi 45 days after you complete Part I indicating that you now have access to Part II. Go to AlcoholEdu.

  1. Re-enter your log in information and click on “log in.”
  2. Complete the entire second module for AlcoholEdu.

Contact Shanan Spencer, Director of Counseling Services, at 304-876-5161 if you have any questions.