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AlcoholEdu for Sanctions

Completion of Drug and Alcohol Education Sanction Program

Shepherd University students who have violated the University’s alcohol and drug policy and are sanctioned to a one session alcohol and other drug class are expected to complete the educational module AlcoholEdu for Sanctions. Instructions on how to login, register, and complete the module are listed below.

AlcoholEdu Login Instructions

Please follow these instructions to get started. If you have already registered with AlcoholEdu or Haven, your login information will be the same.

Part I
1. Go to AlcoholEdu for Sanctions
2. Enter the Sanctions registration code “be830275″ into the top right hand corner of your dashboard where it says “Add a Course”. Then, click “save” and the system will add the course to your dashboard. Please register with your Shepherd University email only.
3. Complete the entire AlcoholEdu for Sanctions.

Part II
1. You should receive an automatic email 30 days after you complete Part I indicating that you now have access to Part II. Go to AlcoholEdu for Sanctions.
2. Re-enter your log in information and click on “log in.”
3. Complete the entire second module for AlcoholEdu for Sanctions.