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Grant Proposal Application Form

Subcontract Questionnaire

Instructions for Grant Proposal Approval sheet
It is the responsibility of the principal investigator or project director to inform the division chair in the case of an academic department, or the department director in the case of an administrative department of the potential impact upon teaching load, advising, committee service, divisional or departmental administrative support services or any other effect on college administration. Furthermore, the grant principal investigator or project director is responsible for obtaining all signatures five (5) days before the date of submission to the external agency.

Principal Investigator or Project Director: Your full name as it appears on the proposal. This line is limited to one name.

Social Security Number: The Social Security Number of principal investigator or project director.

Department: Your academic department, office phone extension, fax number and email address.

Co-investigator and Department: Your co-investigator(s) and each one's department affiliation.

Project Title: The official title of the project.

Deadline: The date of the deadline in which the proposal must be mailed to off-campus agency.

Project Type: Is the project a research, teaching, service or some other type? Please select only one of the following:

Research/Development: Grant that is written to initiate or enhance research, medical, scientific or other technical activities at Shepherd University. Instruction/Training: Grant that is written to facilitate classroom preparation materials or professional development training. Public Service: Grant that is written to provide a service(s) to individuals other than state employees Student Service: Grant that is written to provide services to students (includes K-12 and higher education).

Budget Information: Provide the projected project start and end date, total cost of the project, requested amount from external agency, and matching funds requested from Shepherd University for the current project year and during the total project period.

Current Project Year: The current project year is the first 12 months of the project or less.

Total Project Period: The total project period is all-inclusive and is applicable only if the project will last more than 12 months.

Source for Matching Funds: Provide the name of the source for the matching funds.

Subcontracts: If the proposed project involves one or more subcontracts, you must attach the "Subcontract Questionnaire" with your proposal.

Space Requirements: Indicate whether or not the project will involve additional space or utility alterations (electrical connections, phones, lab renovations, etc.)

Administrative Support Services: Indicate whether or not the project will involve additional administrative support services. (data entry, clerical, etc.)

Human Subjects: National Institute of Health requires ethics training for all those who have major responsibilities for research with human subjects.

Animals: Does the project require the use of animals?

Biohazards: Does the project require biohazards? Please include in your proposal the additional charges for the proper disposal of biohazards.

Off campus Research Location: Indicate if the project is being performed off-campus and provide the location.

Signatures: You, your co-investigators, all appropriate chairs and all appropriate vice presidents must sign and date the certification. All co-investigators and their department chairs must sign this form. If an individual's name is listed in the co-investigators box on the first page of this form, that person must sign the certification.

Signature of the President: This form must be signed by the President of Shepherd University before your proposal is mailed to an external agency for consideration.

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