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Academic Advising

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Academic Advisement 215 Robert C. Byrd Science and Technology Center, (304) 876-5401
The Assistant Dean of CTL is responsible for a number of University activities related to academic advising and registration, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Coordinates all advisement processes for new students and readmits
  • Coordinates the Summer Freshman Advisement/ Registration Program
  • Responsible for the publication of the Faculty Advisor's Handbook
  • Conducts Development/Training Sessions to assist faculty in improving advisement skills
  • Coordinates the Advising Assistance Center, AAC (Rm 104C Scarborough Library) (304) 876-5317

Academic Affairs 110 Ikenberry Hall; (304) 876-5176
The office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs serves as the last step for students in the grievance and grade appeal process.

Academic Schools

  • Arts and Humanities (304) 876-5224
  • Business & Social Sciences (304) 876-5432
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics (304) 876-5227
  • Education & Professional Studies (304) 876-5404

Academic Support Services Howard N. Carper, Jr. Learning Commons, Lower Floor, Scarborough Library


  • Campus- wide tutoring
  • Developmental courses to help students succeed in college
  • Coordination of Stretch-model English (ENGL 100 A/B) and Math (MATH 101 A/B) courses
  • Test-taking and study-skills help
  • Advisement to non-degree seeking students
  • Admission and pre-admission placement testing
  • Alternative study location

Advisement Assistance Center  Howard N. Carper, Jr. Learning Commons, Lower Floor, Scarborough Library

104C Scarborough Library, (304) 876-5317

Navigating the catalog
Understanding academic rules and regulations, and
Determining the correct forms needed!
Further, the center will help students find and utilize the resources across campus from the Academic Support Center to the Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, and beyond.

The AAC is now open in Room 208 of the Scarborough Library. The center will be open during the hours that the library is open (everyday but Sunday) and will, I hope, act as a resource for students as they find a place to help answer their questions, not only when other offices are closed, but throughout the day.

The center will work in close collaboration with academic advisors to help students answer questions for themselves and to help formulate the next questions to be asked.


Admissions Ikenberry Hall; (304) 876-5212, (304) 876-5213

  • Transfer evaluations
  • Assists non-degree seeking students to change status to degree-seeking
  • Conducts Open-Houses for new students
  • Handles re-admissions
  • Awards credit for Advanced Placement Examinations
  • Awards credit for International Baccalaureate Program


Bookstore Student Center; (304) 876-5219

  • Blue Books
  • Scantron Sheets
  • Cap & Gown
  • Textbooks & supplies

Career Development Center G-22 - G-27 Gardiner Hall; (304) 876-5345, (304) 876-5204


  • Resume creation/ Interview skills
  • Career counseling
  • SIGI + Career guidance computer program
  • Internships/Coops
  • Senior Orientation Sessions for graduating seniors
  • Off- Campus employment opportunities
  • On-Campus interviews and referrals to employers
  • Career Fairs
  • CLEP testing
  • Graduate School testing (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc.)
  • Washington Gateway

Cashier Business Office 207 Ikenberry Hall; (304) 876-5284


  • Collects tuition payments
  • Distributes student payroll checks
  • Distributes Financial Aid checks
  • Collects residence hall room deposits

Computer Lab 203 White Hall; (304) 876-5367


  • Provides computers for student use
  • Assigns internet/email accounts

Computer Services Howard N. Carper, Jr. Learning Commons, Lower Floor, Scarborough Library (304) 876-5245


  • Assigns student internet accounts
  • Provides computer assistance via the User Support Desk (304) 876-5457)

Co-Op G-23 Gardiner Hall; (304) 876-5345, (304) 876-5477
See Career Development Center

Counseling Center Accessible via Health Center, Basement, Gardiner Hall; (304) 876-5276

  • Personal counseling appointments are made through the Health Center (304) 876-5161

Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL), 152 Scarborough Library;


(304) 876-5461

  • Audio-Visual Services
  • Assessing Learning
  • First Year Experience
  • Focus on Student Learning
  • Learning Communities
  • Mini Grants
  • Technology (Sakai)

Disabled Student Services 124 Administrative Suite, in the Student Center; (304) 876-5231 or (304) 876-5689

  • Questions about Americans with Disabilities Act, Rehabilitation Act, etc.
  • Student documentation of disabilities (learning & physical), etc.

Evening Services 114 Knutti Hall; (304) 876-5221
See Student Academic Support Services

Financial Aid G-10 Gardiner Hall; (304) 876-5470
This office provides financial assistance in the form of loans, scholarships, grants, and work-study to students.

Health Center Basement, Gardiner Hall; (304) 876-5161

  • Provides a variety of health and medical services to students
  • Makes appointments for the Counseling office

Help Desk (User Support) Lower Floor, Learning Commons, Scarborogh Library; (304) 876-5457
This office assists students/staff/faculty with computer program questions.
See Computer Services

Honors Center Miller Hall; (304) 876-4370
This office identifies, advises, and enrolls honor students in the Honors Program

Information Desk Ram's Den, Student Center; (304) 876-5497

  • Provides general information to the campus community and public
  • Sells tickets to campus events
  • Schedules meeting rooms for campus organizations
  • Lost and found

International Student Assistance 101 Student Center, (304) 876-5214
See Student Affairs Office

Library Scarborough Library; (304) 876-5421

  • Photocopies
  • Microfilm/fiche copies
  • Internet access for students
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Reference & research materials

Multicultural Student Affairs 201 Student Center; (304) 876-5453


  • Support services to ethnic minority students, GLBT students, students with disabilities
  • Multicultural Leadership Team and scholarships
  • Campus programming regarding diversity and social justice issues

Public Safety and Campus Police 105 Sara Cree; (304) 876-5374,


(304) 876-5128

  • Provides security for campus community
  • Campus Police Officers direct for urgent matters (304) 876-5202
  • Police Escort (304) 876-5202
  • Issue parking permits
  • Issues and collects parking fines

Rambler Card Office ground floor, Student Center; (304) 876-5196


  • Issues Rambler Card

RBA Program Nan Snyder, Coordinator.

Room 159, Scarborough Library; (304) 876-5275
This office advises students and evaluates transfer credits.

RBA-Today Program Room 159, Scarborough Library; (304) 876-5275

Registrar Ikenberry Hall; (304) 876-5463

  • Academic Calendar
  • Academic Probation & Suspension
  • Academic Change Form (change major/minor/advisor/etc.)
  • Academic Forgiveness
  • Personal Information Change Form (change name/address/SS#)
  • Registration--RAIL
  • Residency applications & appeals
  • Schedule of classes
  • Senior evaluations
  • Transcripts
  • Withdrawal from class
  • Withdrawal from college
  • Enrollment verification
  • Admissions and credits Petition form
  • "Green Form" permission to take courses at another institution (also for Study Abroad)
  • Leave-of-absence Form
  • Section Change Form

Residence Life G-2 (Ground Floor) Miller Hall; (304) 876-5172,


(304) 876-5179

  • Residence hall room location assignments/changes
  • Residence Life policy and Student Code of Conduct policy administration/enforcement
  • Facilities management, repair, maintenance, and enhancement--12 buildings
  • Administration of 75+ Resident Assistants and Hall Security positions
  • Living Learning Centers, House Councils, Honors Hall
  • Extensive student issues programming
  • Greek Fraternity & Sorority advisement

Student Affairs 101 Student Center; (304) 876-5214


  • Veterans advisement
  • International student advisement
  • Commuter student advocacy
  • Campus student organizations advisement
  • SGA advisement
  • Program Board advisement
  • Student Life Council advisement
  • Campus discipline & campus judicial system (Student Code of conduct, etc)
  • Clearinghouse for general student questions and concerns
  • Student Recognition Day, Family Day, etc.
  • Campus Crisis Team with Police, Health Center, Counseling, Residence Life
  • New Student Orientation, Advisement & Registration student & parent programs
  • Performing Arts Series at Shepherd (PASS)
  • Student Center Administration (conferences, contracts, room needs, etc.)

Student Community Services 201 Student Center; (304) 876-5453
This office coordinates student volunteer activity working for non-profit agencies

Student Government Association (SGA) Ground Floor, Student Center; x5301
SGA acts as the voice of the student body and allocates funds for activities and organizations on campus.

Telecommunications Ground Floor, Student Center; (304) 876-5301
Provides the following services to Residence Halls:

  • Long distance service
  • Caller ID
  • Voice Mail

Veterans Affairs 101 Student Center; (304) 876-5214
See Student Affairs.

Washington Gateway 210 Student Center; (304) 876-5122
See Career Development Center

Wellness Center University Wellness Center, West Campus; (304) 876-5471

  • Exercise Equipment
  • Exercise programs
  • Swimming
  • Racquetball

Writing Center Howard N. Carper, Jr. Learning Commons, Scarborough Library; (304) 876-5122
The Writing Center is staffed by peer tutors from a variety of major fields of study to assist students in all their writing needs.




Academic Calendar: Registrar
Academic Change Form Registrar
Academic Forgiveness Registrar
Academic Foundation Courses (ACFN) Academic Support Services
Academic Probation Registrar
Academic Progress Financial Aid Office
Academic Suspension Registrar
Address (change) Registrar
Admission Admissions
Admissions & Credits Petition Form Registrar
Advanced Placement Credit Admissions
Advisement Academic Advisement
Advisement & Registration (New Students) Student Affairs Office
Advisor (change) Registrar
Bluebooks Bookstore
Career Counseling Career Development Center
Change (name, address, major, minor, etc.) Registrar
Checks Cashier
* Student Payroll
* Financial Aid Refunds
CLEP testing Career Development Center
Co-op Career Development Center
Computer Account Computer Lab (WH)
Computer Help Help Desk
Counseling Counseling Center
Disabilities Disabled Student Services
E-mail Accounts Computer Lab (WH)
Enrollment Verification Registrar
Evening Services Academic Support Services
Exercise Wellness Center
* Equipment
* Programs
Grade Appeal Academic Affairs
Graduate Exams Career Development Center
* Apply for Career Development Center
* Evaluation Registrar
Grants Financial Aid
Green Form Registrar
Greek organizations Student Affairs
* Computer Help Desk
* General Information Desk
Honors Students Honors Program
IDs Rambler Card Office
International Baccalaureate Program Admissions
International Students Student Affairs
Internet Accounts Computer Lab (WH)
Internships Career Development Center
Learning Disabilities Disabled Student Services
LLC Residence Life
Loans Financial Aid
Lost & Found Information Desk
Major/ Minor (change) Registrar
Medical Services Health Center
Meeting Rooms Information Desk
Non-Degree Seeking Students Academic Support Services
Open Houses Admissions
Orientation (New Students) Student Affairs Office
Parking Public Safety
* Permits (decals)
* Fines
Personal Information Change Form Registrar
Photocopies Library

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