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Students desiring to add or drop a course during the first five class days of a semester should do so by using the RAIL system. A course dropped during this time period will not appear on the student's transcript.

Beginning on the sixth class day of the semester until 4 p.m. on the 2nd Friday after mid-term week, a student may withdraw from a class with a grade of W, without affecting grade point average (see Grading System). A week containing one or more scheduled class days is considered a full class week. There will be no exceptions to this deadline (see Summary of Withdrawal Dates).

The last day for withdrawal from an eight-week class will be as posted in the academic calendar.

During the summer sessions, any time prior to 4 p.m. of the second calendar day before the last day of classes of each summer term, a withdrawal (W) will be permitted. Failure to submit the withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline will result in the grade of F or IF (see Grading System).

Until 4 p.m. on the last class day of the semester, a student may process through the Office of the Registrar a complete withdrawal from the University (all enrolled classes). Students who discontinue attending class without following the proper withdrawal procedures will receive a grade of F or IF in the course (see Grading System).

Withdrawal from the University must be reported and financial clearance made at the Business Office (see Grading System for additional information on withdrawals).

Summary of Change of Class Schedule (abbreviated dates in summer)
Action: Add a course.
Process: No form required; add class AND PAY online through RAIL. No bill will be mailed.
Eligible Dates: First five class days.
Result: Course added.

Action: Drop a course.
Process: No form required; drop class online through RAIL.
Eligible Dates: First five class days.
Result: Course dropped; course will not appear on transcript.

Action: Withdraw from a course.
Process: Form required; obtain from advisor; submit to registrar.
Date: Sixth class day through 2nd Friday after mid-term week.
Course Grade: W.

Action: Complete withdrawal from the university.
Process: Form required; obtain from registrar.
Date: Sixth class day through the last class day of the semester.
Course Grade: W.

The withdrawal procedure is incomplete until all necessary signatures have been secured and the appropriate forms returned to the Office of the Registrar by the specified time stated in the current academic year calendar.

Any counseling provided to a student from any employee of the university, which differs from established university policies, must be confirmed by the vice president for academic affairs. Although a student may receive advice from any agent of the university, the final responsibility for a decision concerning withdrawal rests with the student, in consultation with the course instructor, in accordance with university policies. Prior to withdrawing from a course, those students receiving financial aid must refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress section of the Catalog.

Any student who commits academic misconduct is ineligible to withdraw from a course unless the withdrawal is approved by the instructor. This exception to the withdrawal policy applies to the entire period within which a student would otherwise be eligible to withdraw and receive a W on the transcript. This exception to the withdrawal policy may be applied retroactively to the transcript in cases where the student is ultimately found by the university to have committed academic misconduct prior to the date that a withdrawal was processed by the registrar. Refer to the Student Handbook.



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