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Students may choose to take elective courses on a pass/fail basis instead of the regular grading system, in accordance with the following:

1. Electives shall be defined as courses not directly required for a degree. Thus, required electives within the major field of concentration would be excluded from the pass/fail option. In the event of change in major fields, the course previously taken on a pass/fail option if applicable to the new major field shall be substituted by approved courses. Required general studies courses also will be excluded from the pass/fail option. The ultimate responsibility for correct scheduling rests with the student.
2. A passing grade in the pass/fail option will be equivalent to the normal passing range of A through D in the conventional system.
3. All students are eligible for the pass/fail option with the exception of those currently on academic probation.
4. Students will be limited to 24 hours of pass/fail options within a degree program, with not more than one course (maximum of four semester hours) being taken on a pass/fail basis during a single semester or summer session.
5. In the Office of the Registrar, a student must make a declaration for the pass/fail option by the tenth class day of the semester. This decision will be final.


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