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Once enrolled at Shepherd University, a student must receive prior approval to enroll in and transfer any additional course work from another institution. Transfer approval is subject to the following conditions:

• A student must be in good academic standing (GPA > 2.00). Courses taken during a period of academic suspension will not be approved for transfer.

• A Shepherd course for which a grade of D, F, or W was received may not be repeated elsewhere, even when an articulation agreement exists for the course. No Shepherd University D or F grade can be replaced by an equivalent transfer course.

• Courses in the major, minor, or teaching field cannot be taken at another institution.

• Only courses from accredited institutions of higher education may be transferred to Shepherd.

• A maximum of 72 transfer semester hours from accredited two-year institutions may count toward graduation requirements.

• The last twelve hours of course work before graduation must be completed at Shepherd.

• A GPA deficiency earned at Shepherd University cannot be made up at another institution.

A Transfer Approval or Consortium Registration form must be completed, including appropriate faculty signatures, and submitted to the Office of the Registrar prior to enrolling at another institution.

Both forms are available in the Office of the Registrar.

Exceptions to any of these policies must be petitioned through the Admissions and Credits Committee for final action.


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