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Grade Reports
Midterm and final grade reports follow the normal grading system. A copy of the midterm and final grade reports will be available on campus for all students in their advisor’s office and on RAIL. First semester freshmen and high school seniors’ grades are mailed to the student’s permanent address.

Grade Point Average
A student’s grade-point average is computed on all work that a student has attempted for University credit (including Shepherd University credits and transfer credits). Courses with a grade of W, courses taken on a pass/fail or audit basis, and Academic Foundations courses are not considered courses attempted for University credit in the computation of a student’s grade point average.

Quality points are based on the point value per semester hour multiplied by the number of hours of course work attempted.

A student taking a three-hour course and receiving a grade of C would earn 6 quality points. (C = 2 quality points times 3 hours.)

To compute a grade point average, divide the total quality points accumulated by the total credit hours attempted for which University credit is given toward graduation (e.g., 220 quality points accumulated divided by 88 credit hours attempted for University credit = (220/88) = 2.50 GPA.


See the 2009-2011 University Catalog, p. 47 et seq.



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