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Academic Advising

Polices and Procedures


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Academic Calendar Q1<
Academic Change form Q2
Academic Dishonesty Q3
Academic Forgiveness Q37
Academic Help Q10
Academic Probation (see Probation) Q76
Academic Progress Q35
Academic Residency Q62
Academic Suspension Q90, Q91
Active Duty Q7
ADD/DROP Period Q11
Add a class Q11
Admission, Home School Students Q18
mid-term grades Q42
how assigned Q12
how to change Q12, Q2
Appeal final grade Q53
Apply for Graduation Q58
Articulation agreements Q92
Assault Q107
Associates Degree Q13, Q14, Q15
transferring to bachelor¹s degree Q14
transferring courses from CTC Q15, Q95
Attendance Policy Q16
Audit a class Q17
Canceled classes Q19, Q89
Career Development Center (CDC) Q20, Q98, Q114
Change Advisor Q2, Q12
Change Degree Q2, Q14
Change Major/Minor Q2, Q69
Change Name/Address/SS# Q23
Class Schedule Q78
Class Substitution Q108
how students are classified Q24
full-time Q25
part-time Q26
CLEP tests Q21, Q22
transfer/admissions information Q15, Q95
Computer Account Q27
Computer Literacy Q113
Cooperative Education Q20
Counseling Center Q28
Dean's List Q52
DentSTEP Program Q6
Disabilities (physical & learning) Q29
Double Major Q70, Q61
Drop a class Q11, Q109
Engineering Degree Q32
English Placement Q30, Q31
Enrollment Verification Q100
Final Examinations Q33, Q59
Financial Aid
• services Q34
academic progress requirement Q35
Foreign Language Requirement Q40
Foreign Study Abroad Q36
Forgiveness Policy Q37
Forty-Five Hour Rule Q55, Q57
Full-time student Q25
First-year Experience course Q38
General Studies Q39
language requirement Q40
major/minor Q41
undecided major Q98, Q114
• Academic probation Q76, Q77
• Effect of "IF" grade Q50
• To graduate Q63
Grades Q46
• appeal Q53
AU Audit Q17
grade point average (GPA) Q46
• grades awarded Q44
• I grade Q47, Q48, Q49
• IF Q50
• mid-term grades Q42
• pass/fail grade Q51
• quality points Q45
• W grade Q43
• Graduate classes Q54
• Graduate programs Q54
• Graduate exams Q20
• Academic residency requirement Q62
• apply for Q58
• cap & gown Q110
• credit hour requirements Q55
• comprehensive exam Q56
• computer literacy Q113
• deadline to apply Q60
• December/August ceremony Q111
• Forty-two hour Rule Q55
• GPA required Q63
• multiple degrees Q61
• seniors exempt from final exams Q59
Harassment Q106
Health Services Q64
Home School Students, Admission Q18
Honors Program Q65
I grade Q47, Q48, Q49
IF grade Q50
Inclement Weather Policy Q89
International Students Q73
Internet (student computer account) Q27
In-State Residency Q88
Late Registration Q86
Learning Communities Q112
Limited Enrollment Q19
• define major Q66
• define minor Q67
• majors unavailable at Shepherd Q68
• change major/minor Q2, Q69
• double major Q70
• Core Curriculum requirements for graduating with two degrees Q61
MedSTEP Program Q4
Mid-term grades Q42
• Going on Active Duty Q7
• Veterans Services Q71
• ROTC Q72
Multicultural concerns & issues Q73
Music Ensemble Participation Q8
Newspaper (The Picket) Q75
Part-time student Q26
Pass/Fail grade Q51
Personal Information Change Form Q23
Picket Q75
Plagiarism Q3
PharmSTEP Program, Q5
Probation (Academic)
• academic programs to help students Q76
• how placed on/get off Q76
• when placed on Q77
Quality Points Q45
• class schedule Q85, Q78
• CRN Q80
• PIN Q82
• subject/course number Q79
RBA Today Q83
Registration (see also "RAIL")
• ACFN classes Q8
• missing Nov/April registration Q84
• Schedule of Classes Q85
• late registration Q86
• repeat a class Q87
Residence Status Q88, Q62
Schedule Q78, Q85
Sexual Assault Q107
Sexual Harassment Q106
Sixty-hour rule Q87
Snow Policy Q89
Study Abroad Q36
Study Center Q9, Q10
Substitute a class Q108
Suspension (Academic)
• re-enroll Q90
• when placed-on Q91
Testing out of a course Q21, Q22, Q30
Transfer courses/students
• Articulation agreements Q92
• how evaluated Q93
• who evaluates Q94
• taking courses at other institutions Q95
• Transcripts Q96
Tuition & Fees Q97
Tutorial Services Q9, Q10
Undecided students Q98, Q114
Upper division courses Q99, Q55, Q57
Verify enrollment Q100
Veterans Services Q71
W grade Q43
Washington Gateway Q20
Withdraw from University
• where to go Q101
• refund for withdraw Q102
• re-apply to university Q103
• Withdraw from Course Q109
• deadline Q104
• reason Q105


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