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Students should first open the Browser on his/her microcomputer. To do so, students should do the following:

  • Click on the Internet Explorer "e" button on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen or the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop.
  • The homepage on White Hall PCs should be set at, which is the Shepherd College URL, but students may need to enter this URL if they register on other microcomputers.

To complete the RAIL WEB Registration process, students must execute the following commands in the order given below:

  • Click on RAIL under Academics on the home page. Students will be logged off after ten minutes of inactivity.

  • Students should read the user information carefully, then scroll to the bottom and click on Next Stop Rail ­ All Aboard.

  • Security Alert: read the message and make the appropriate selection.

  • User Login
    • Enter USER ID (the studentıs Shepherd Identification Number). Click in the space with the mouse before entering the numbers.
    • Press the tab key to enter the studentıs PIN (Personal Identification Number‹initially, the studentıs birth date in the format MMDDYY).
    • Click on LOGIN. The PIN will expire immediately, and the student will need to create a new six-digit PIN number of their choice‹NOT their birth date.
    • Students must remember this new six-digit PIN number.
    • If they forget their new PIN number, the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Financial Aid, or the Cashierıs Window in Ikenberry Hall can reset their PIN number to their birth date upon the presentation of a valid photo ID.
    • Students will be forced to change their PIN the next time that they login.
    • In the future, after first entering their ID and PIN, students will need to enter their new PIN only once again. If they enter an incorrect PIN five times in succession, their access on the WEB will be disabled, and they will need to contact the Office of the Registrar to have their PIN reset.

  • Students should read the Terms of Usage carefully, and click continue if they agree to the Terms. Students will not see this screen again if they agree to the Terms of Usage.

  • Click on Login.

  • Click on Student Services and Financial Aid.

  • Click on Registration.

  • Click on Add/Drop Classes.

  • Students should then select the term for which they wish to register. Use the drop down menu, if necessary. Click on Submit Term.

  • Fill in CRNs (Course Request Numbers) carefully. Use the TAB key to navigate from on block to the next.

  • Click on Submit Changes.

  • Students should scroll down to view their schedule and to correct registration errors if necessary.

    • To drop a course, click on the drop down menu in the Action Field beside each course.
    • To add another course, enter the CRN in the block under Add Class.
    • Click on Submit Changes.
    • To enter variable credit for a course, click on Change Class Options at the bottom of the screen. Enter desired hours of credit in the block (noting the allowable range), and click on Submit Changes. Click on Menu; then click on Student Detail Schedule. Check to see that the credit hours are correct.

  • Students should check their schedule carefully for accuracy. If there are no registration errors, or if no changes need to be made, they should click on Confirm Schedule.

  • Students should then scroll to the top of the screen, and click on Exit after they have checked their schedule carefully.

  • To close the browser, click on the ³x² on the top right of the screen. The studentıs WEB registration is completed.

    The student should inform his/her Academic Advisor of any changes that were made during the registration process so that the advisorıs records may be kept current and accurate.


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