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Shepherd is awarded University Status by the Higher Education Policy Commission of West Virginia (April, 2004)

New Shepherd University Mission Statement unveiled

Study abroad office and administrator appointed.

Spring-Dr. Suzanne Shipley, named as new President

Fall 2007-NCA report coordinator appointed.

Fall 2007-NCA report coordinator meets with VPAA to overview the accreditation history of the institution, concerns for the 2012 visit, overview of the report process.

Fall 2007-Strategic Plan Steering Committee and sub-committees formed

January-May, 2008-Strategic Planning committee and sub-committees continue to meet to develop the university-wide strategic plan. NCA coordinator is a member of the UEAC subcommittee

April 2008-VPAA attends NCA annual meeting.

June 2008-UEAC makes its report to the overall Strategic Planning Committee

June-August 2008-Development of NCA website. The site will include open information, as well as places for the various entities to post documents (i.e., faculty resumes, professional development and publication activities, as well as grants).

June-August 2008- Templates developed for the reporting process for the various chapters of the report. Documents will be posted to the NCA website.

September-December-HLC coordinator meets with schools, deans and administrators to initiate the collaborative process.

September-December-HLC coordinator head sub-committee on formation of a standing senate committee in General Studies.

January 2009-Overview of the Crossroads University Strategic Plan. Look at ways to utilize the results.

Spring 2009-VPAA, newly appointed VPAA and Graduate Dean attend the HLC annual meeting.

Spring 2009-HLC coordinator is a part of the curricular reform process re: an amendment to the Constitution and attending the AAC&U workshop on General Studies

Fall 2009-Finalization of HLC budgets and team members

Late fall semester 2009 or early 2010-Launch of campus-wide campaign for the Self-Study Process.

Spring 2010-Writing Teams begin working on the first draft, documents and data are complied, design of charts and document layout are drafted.

Spring 2010-NCA Self-study administrator and VPAA and attend HLC annual meeting.

Fall 2010-Continued meetings with Deans and department chairs, emphasizing their role in the self-study process. Continued gathering of data and writing of the report.

February -First Draft of Introduction, Criterion One and Three is prepared for review/comments, posted on HLC self-study website.

February- Writing group meetings. Design template laid out.

March--Further review of criterion drafts.

April--presentation of completed drafts to Spring Assembly and Steering Committee.

Spring 2011-NCA Self-study administrator, VPAA and other team members attend NCA annual meeting.

May -. Writing groups review criterion and core components for completion and add suggestions and comments.

June-September-The document is edited and put into final format, the resource room is organized, final draft goes to readers, and steering committee makes any final revisions. A complete draft of the self-study is put on the HLC Self-Study website for review.

Mock team visit is scheduled for late in the fall semester of 2011.

September-December-The document is reviewed by the campus community and comments are received and documented via the HLC Self-Study website.

October-Readers of the final draft provide comments. The latest campus information on enrollment, finance and other developments is processed by November 15th. Proofreaders begin work on the individual chapters.

December-Final corrections are entered, final report is posted for campus review, comments received and posted on the Self-Study website, completed report sent to the printer.

2012-*Also see self-study visit check list for information/framework for the site visit and follow up.
January-Final document and requested materials are sent to the HLC site visitation team, printed document distributed to Steering Committee, BOG, President, Provost, VPAA, Deans and the document room.

February-Campus informational meeting held, exhibits/concerts prepared, document room receives final setup.

March - HLC Site Visit

March-April, 2012-Written Response to HLC Draft Report with Correction of Errors of Fact.

April-May, 2012 -Written Response to HLC Final Report.

May, 2012 - ongoing Implementation of Self Study and HLC Recommendations by University Community and Strategic Planning Committee.

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