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Four Cross-Cutting Themes*
The four cross-cutting themes are present in all the criteria studied for reaccreditation. In identifying these themes, the Commission has several purposes in mind:

  • Highlight primary attributes of effective and high-performance organizations valued by the Commission
  • Establish broad benchmarks for evaluating the interpretation and application of the new Criteria
  • Indicate the interrelatedness of the Criteria
  • Suggest an organizational schema that could inform self-study processes and give structure to self-study reports
  • I. The Future-Oriented Organization

  • Engages in planning
  • Is driven by the mission
  • Understands social and economic change
  • Focuses on the future of constituents
  • Integrates new technology

    II. The Learning-Focused Organization

  • Assesses student learning
  • Supports learning
  • Supports scholarship
  • Creates the capacity for lifelong learning
  • Strengthens organizational learning

    III. The Connected Organization

  • Serves the common good
  • Serves constituents
  • Creates a culture of service
  • Collaborates
  • Engages in healthy internal communication

    IV. The Distinctive Organization

  • Has an unambiguous mission
  • Appreciates diversity
  • Is accountable
  • Is self-reflective
  • Is committed to improvement

    * All information quoted from The Higher Learning Commission Handbook of Accreditation, version 1:10/03

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