Criterion Two: Preparing for the Future


Core Component 2-a

Strategic Planning 2002-2007, Pages 54-55

Strategic Planning 2007-2013, Page 56

Heritage and Retirees, Page 56

Diversity and Social Responsibility, Page 56

Internationalization of the Campus, Page 57

Guiding Principles of Growth, Pages 57-58

Technology, Page 58

Core Component 2-b

Legislative Restrictions, Pages 61-62

Adjusting Priorities, Pages 63-63

Exploring New Financial Resources, Pages 63-64

Alumni Relations, Pages 64-65

Enrollment Initiatives, Page 65

Investment in People (Faculty and Staff), Pages 65-66

Core Component 2-c

Data Collection at Multiple Levels, Pages 66-68

Retention, Pages 68-75

Workplace Satisfaction, Pages 75-76

Faculty Evaluation, Promotion, and Tenure, Page 77

Other Surveys, Pages 78-79

Core Component 2-d

School Planning Documents, Page 81

Samples of Department Strategic Plans, Pages 81-83

The Planning Process for Administrative Units, Pages 83-84

Committees, Page 84