Criterion One: Mission & Integrity

Core Component 1-a

Introduction, Pages 29-30

Strategic Planning, Pages 32-33

Sample Mission Statements, Page 33

Informing the Larger Community, Pages 33-34

Core Component 1-b

Policies, Page 35

Embracing Diversity, Page 36

Embracing Diversity through Recruiting, Admissions, Retention, and Scheduling, Page 37

Investment in Diversity of Faculty and Staff, Page 38

Diversity and Equity Committee, Page 38

Core Component 1-c

Introduction, Page 39

Program Review, Page 40

Supporting the Mission through the Budget Process, Pages 40-41

Faculty Expectations, Pages 41-42

Core Component 1-d

Organizational Governance, Pages 43-44

Administrative Structure and Academic Governance, Pages 44-45

Student Government and Organizations, Pages 45-46


Core Component 1-e

Introduction and Policies, Pages 48-49

Advisement Center Policies, Page 49

Student Information, Page 50

Conflict Resolution, Page 50

Information Technology, Page 50

Research Policies, Page 50

Fiscal Policies, Pages 50-51