Criterion Four: Acquisition, Discovery, & Application of Knowledge

Introduction, Page 119

Core Component 4-a

Scholarly Activity, Pages 120-122

Internal Support for Research and Scholarly Activities, Pages 122-123

External Funding Opportunities to Support Faculty Research, Pages 123-124

Opportunities to Support Student Research, Page 124

Institutional Acknowledgement of Scholarly Activities, Page 124

Core Component 4-b

Undergraduate Education Requirements and Evaluation, Page 126

Integration of Curricular and Co-curricular Activities and Programs, Pages 127-128

Community Outreach, Page 128

Cultural and Intellectual Events, Pages 128-129

Core Component 4-c

Internationalization, Pages 130-133

Involvement of Constituents: Advisory Boards, Pages 133-135

Sample Academic Program Reviews (Other program reviews available through the Academic Affairs Shared Drive), Page 135

Core Component 4-d

Academic Dishonesty, Pages 136-137

Faculty Resources, Page 137

Ethics, Page 138

Student Resources, Page 139

Ethical Policies for Research and Safety, Pages 139-140