Criterion Five: Engagement & Service

Core Component 5-a

Constituencies and Activities, Pages 145-146

Student Affairs, Page 146

Core Component 5-b

Academic and Cultural Events, Pages 148-149

Educational Opportunities for Engagement with the Community, Pages 149-150

Shepherd University as a Gateway to Learning, Pages 150-151

Student Life and Our Community, Pages 151-152

Shepherd University as a Community Intellectual Center, Pages 152-153

Civil War Center and the Legislative Process, Page 153

Assistance Programs, Page 154

Involving Alumni and Sharing Experience, Pages 154-155

Cultural Scene, Pages 155-156

Sharing Resources, Pages 156-157

Core Component 5-c

Collaborative Ventures, Page 158

Transfer Policies, STEP, RBA Program, Page 159

Community Leaders Testify to Effectiveness of Programs, Page 159

Shared Educational, Economic, and Social Goals, Page 160

Contractual Agreements, Page 160

Core Component 5-d


Service and Volunteer Activities, Page 161

Economic Development, Pages 161-162

Use of University Faciltiies, Pages 162-163

Services for Adult Learners and Licensed Professionals, Page 163

Other Endeavors, Page 163