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Academic Policies and Procedures (List)

This page outlines the policies of the 2015-2016 catalog, and will be updated as soon as possible.

Please follow the following link to be directed to the current catalog and links to previous catalogs:

Academic Common Market
Academic Forgiveness Policy
Academic Load
Academic Probation
Academic Progress and Financial Aid
Academic Suspension
Advanced Placement
Auditing Courses
CLEP Tests
Community or Junior College Credit Hour Transfer Policies
Cooperative Education (CO-OPS)
Courses Taken at Other Institutions
Credit Evaluation Policies and Procedures
Core Curriculum Requirements
Core Curriculum for Persons with a Bachelor’s Degree
Incomplete Grades
Independent Study
International Baccalaureate Program
Leave-of Absence from University
Minimum Credit Hours
Minimum Grade Point Average
Minimum Shepherd University Credit Hours Requirement
Pass/Fail Option
Placement Tests for English, Math and Reading
Placement Test for Foreign Language
Pre-Professional Programs
RBA F Forgiveness Rule
Readmission Requirements
Section Change
Sixty-Hour Repeat Rule
Seventy-Two Hour Rule
Special Examination for Course Credit
STEP Programs
Transfer Admissions Policies
Upper Division 42-Hour Requirement
Withdrawal, Add/Drop, and Change of Class Schedule