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Senior Leadership

Academic Affairs  
Vice President for Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant
Dr. Christopher Ames Mrs. Sharika Abdul-Muhaimin
206 Ikenberry Hall 206 Ikenberry Hall
304-876-5176 304-876-5176
304-876-5038 (fax) 304-876-5038 (fax)
Dean, School of Arts and Humanities Dean, School of Business and Social Sciences
Mr. Dow Benedict Dr. Ann Legreid
212 Center for Contemporary Arts 102 White Hall
304-876-5393 304-876-5011
Dean, School of Education
and Professional Studies
Dean, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Dr. Virginia Hicks Dr. Colleen Nolan
206 Erma Ora Byrd Hall 24 Snyder Hall
304-876-5712 304-876-5106
Dean, Libraries
and Information Sciences
Dean, Teaching, Learning, and Instructional Resources
Ann Watson Dr. Laura Renninger
309 Scarborough Library 153 Scarborough Library
304-876-5179 304-876-5075
Dean, Graduate Studies and
ContinuingEducation and
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Scott Beard
212 Byrd Center
Budget Officer Director of Athletics
Mrs. Ginny Haddock Mr. B.J. Pumroy
101 Ikenberry Hall 226 Butcher Center
304-876-5140 304-876-5155
Coordinator of RBA Program Director of Institutional Research
Mrs. Nan Snyder Ms. Sara Maene
159 Scarborough Library 104A Ikenberry Hall
304-876-5275 304-876-5112
Director of Study Abroad Director of Teacher Education
Ms. Ann Henriksson Dr. Douglas Kennard
249 Scarborough Library 208A Knutti Hall
304-876-5412 304-876-5330
Honors Program Director Director of Assessment and Accountability
Dr. Mark Cantrell Dr. Laura Porter
215 Knutti Hall 109 Knutti Hall
304-876-5063 304-876-5222
Director of Martinsburg Center Coordinator of RBA Program, Martinsburg
Mr. James Klein Ms. Beth Thomas
Martinsburg Center Martinsburg Center
304-263-3304 304-263-3372


Office of Academic Affairs | P.O. Box 5000 | Shepherdstown, West Virginia | 25443-5000 | 304-876-5176 | 800-344-5231 | FAX 304-876-5038