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Senior Leadership

Academic Affairs  
Vice President for Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant
Dr. Christopher Ames Mrs. Sharika Abdul-Muhaimin
206 Ikenberry Hall 206 Ikenberry Hall
304-876-5176 304-876-5176
304-876-5038 (fax) 304-876-5038 (fax)
Dean, School of Arts and Humanities Dean, School of Business and Social Sciences
Mr. Dow Benedict Dr. Ann Legreid
212 Center for Contemporary Arts 102 White Hall
304-876-5393 304-876-5011
Dean, School of Education
and Professional Studies
Dean, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Dr. Virginia Hicks Dr. Colleen Nolan
206 Erma Ora Byrd Hall 24 Snyder Hall
304-876-5712 304-876-5106
Dean, Libraries
and Information Sciences
Dean, Teaching, Learning, and Instructional Resources
Ann Watson Dr. Laura Renninger
309 Scarborough Library 153 Scarborough Library
304-876-5179 304-876-5075
Dean, Graduate Studies and
ContinuingEducation and
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Scott Beard
212 Byrd Center
Admin. Associate/Assistant Athletic Director Director of Athletics
Mrs. Ginny Haddock Mr. B.J. Pumroy
101 Ikenberry Hall 226 Butcher Center
304-876-5140 304-876-5155
Coordinator of RBA Program Director of Institutional Research
Mrs. Nan Snyder Ms. Sara Maene
159 Scarborough Library 104A Ikenberry Hall
304-876-5275 304-876-5112
Director of Study Abroad Director of Teacher Education
Ms. Ann Henriksson Dr. Douglas Kennard
249 Scarborough Library 208A Knutti Hall
304-876-5412 304-876-5330
Honors Program Director Director of Assessment and Accountability
Dr. Mark Cantrell Dr. Laura Porter
215 Knutti Hall 109 Knutti Hall
304-876-5063 304-876-5222
Director of Martinsburg Center Coordinator of RBA Program, Martinsburg
Mr. James Klein Ms. Beth Thomas
Martinsburg Center Martinsburg Center
304-263-3304 304-263-3372


Office of Academic Affairs | P.O. Box 5000 | Shepherdstown, West Virginia | 25443-5000 | 304-876-5176 | 800-344-5231 | FAX 304-876-5038