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Setting up a Personal Web Page at Shepherd University

Note: Shepherd University is not responsible for the content of Personal Web Pages. Each individual user is solely responsible for the content of their pages. The views expressed on these pages do not necessarily reflect those of Shepherd University.

What skills do I need?

Web pages are written in the HyperText Markup Language (HTML). While mastering the language could take several years, a simple page can be created by following examples and learning a few commands. Several software packages provide methods of saving your document in HTML format. This will allow you to design documents quickly, without a long learning phase.

Publishing documents on the World-Wide Web is not however a task for computer novices.

Before you start, make sure that you have the following skills:
Proficiency in Windows or Mac OS;
The ability to create and manage directories or folders;
Proficiency using Internet navigation tools such as telnet, ftp, e-mail and web browsers

Who can participate?

Students, faculty and staff that have a Shepherd University account may create their own page.

How do I get started?

  • Click on the Button to activate your account.
  • You will be asked to agree to certain conditions pertaining to your pages. 
  • The process creates an index.html file. This is your personal page. 
  • Modify index.html to tell the world your story.
  • The web account process creates a W: drive which is you personal web space. Anything written to the W: drive is accessible using a web browser. The W: drive will be available the next time you login. Note: The W: drive is only available to Windows users. Mac users will not have a W: drive.
  • You may also upload html files to your web directory by using an ftp client to and using your current username and password.
  • Your new address will be where the username is your username used to login.

What else do I NEED to know?

Shepherd University reserves the right to revoke your account privileges (which include web pages) if your pages:

  • Contain threatening, indecent, pornographic or other illegal material, 
  • Are being used to generate personal profit (selling), or 
  • Violates rules of conduct as found in the Student Handbook, Employee Handbook or Shepherd University Computer Account Assignment form.

The University reserves the right to suspend, with or without advance notice, or revoke any account when necessary for an administrative purpose.

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